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The Structure of the Book Series

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

The first book, 'ittle Bear: The Adventures Begin will introduce her to 'ittle Bear. It launches April 29, 2023 with a launch party in Columbia, South Carolina, USA and thereafter is available for sale.

In addition to an introduction to her, you will be with her as she encounters her first problem (or challenge) and learns about the superpowers she has within her to solve them.

These superpowers are based on research in international assignments, intercultural success, and diverse teams. They are also superpowers that we can affect, unlike the superpowers of the comic books or TV series, which we have no hope of ever having ourselves.

She'll have a chance to experiment and learn, and solve her first problem (experimenting with her superpowers) before she even leaves the country.

After the first book, I'll introduce one book at a time on a single country.

Any guesses what the first country will be?

In each country book, she'll meet a friend who will be her cultural guide. Either with her friend or on her own, she'll experience some famous places in the country, try a popular food or two, learn a few words, and encounter a problem that she'll solve through working with her superpowers.

Experiencing new things is always so much better with a friend and guide!

In addition to the story, at the end of each book, we'll have a reference section that introduces a few fun facts about the country and a few phrases or words in the primary language.

We hope that through the books, kids will develop a lifelong love of interacting among different cultures and experiencing the wonders of our world.

Each country book we offer will only be from a country where at least the author has visited and experienced in person. While we use research and data to support and verify the content, it is important to us that the books are based on personal experience as well as facts.

We will also offer books in translation shortly after the release of the English edition. We have contacts for Swedish, Spanish, German, and Braille (as well as consulting for making the books open to a variety of disabilities). If you would like to help us with translation, please reach out.

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