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'ittle Bear
It's More Than Just the Books

If you want to go beyond the books with 'ittle Bear, here are some ways you can learn, grow, and travel with her!


The Superpowers

Wouldn't we all agree that the world would be a little better with more curiosity, courage, and compassion?

In the first book, 'ittle Bear learns about the superpowers of curiosity, courage, and compassion.  She also recognizes they are not easy, and she needs to practice to develop them.

In our country books, she practices one or more of them through her adventures.  No matter how good we are, we can always learn more and strengthen our superpowers!

You can learn more about them here and we have free activity sheets to help you here!

The Legend of the World

Do you wonder what all the images are on the map of the world in our first book?  


Learn more about them here, why they were chosen, and some background behind them.  


Maybe you already recognize a few?

For each country book, we will have "The Legend of..." so you can learn more about that specific country!

Resources to Learn About Culture and Travel

Are you curious?

Do you like to learn?

Did you know that sometimes the most compassionate way we can learn about another culture or way of doing things is to read on our own instead of asking a person who is different?  


Here are some ways to learn:

1) Google the country and read about it.  Good sources can be provided by the country itself, Wikipedia, or reputable travel pages.  

2) Go to your library and ask your librarian for help.  While non-fiction books and guides are helpful and factual ways to learn, reading fiction stories based in other countries and cultures are great ways to jump into another person's view (life, world, shoes, skin... however you want to phrase it).

3) Look for library programs where you can borrow a person.  Many libraries are starting to offer programs where you can meet and talk to a person from another country or culture.  Even better, they are there because they want to share with you!

Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 14.18.15.png


In each of our country books, we introduce you to a bit of language from each country.  

While we try to give helpful guides to learn a few words and phrases, you might want to learn more on your own.

Here are links to language resources to help you learn...

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 14.08.14.png

Travel with 'ittle Bear

Whether we are traveling down the street or around the world, sometimes we all need a friend with us and a reminder to show our curiosity, courage, and compassion.

You too can travel with 'ittle Bear.  Buy (or win through newsletter offers) her luggage tag and you will always travel with a special friend who can help you with your curiosity, courage, and compassion.

Then, share with us your stories to inspire and encourage others!

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