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Privacy Policy

Updated 13 March 2024

Original Release 22 November 2022


'ittle Bear is developed, owned, and published by Nspir Learning LLC and Nspir AB.  Both entities are owned full by Sarah Wills Carlsson and will hereafter be referred to as Nspir.   

At Nspir, our business is built on your trust, and a key part of building and maintaining your  trust is protecting your privacy and personal information. 

This policy explains how Nspir processes your personal data. 

First of all, Nspir AB is a Swedish corporation, registered in Sweden and compliant with Swedish  and European laws. The address of Nspir AB is Drottninggatan 8C, 45331 Lysekil, SWEDEN.  Nspir Learning LLC is registered the state of South Carolina in the United States of America and is compliant with all applicable laws for South Carolina and the United States.  Specifically in regards to data privacy, compliance to European and Swedish laws is the higher requirement.

The 100% owner of both entities and sole employee who handles client data is Sarah Wills Carlsson. We and I may be used interchangeably, as personal data is handled by Sarah. Sarah is also the contact for data handling questions and issues. Her email address is Please put the subject as GDPR. 

Nspir processes data primarily on a consent basis. In entering collaboration with Nspir, you consent to share your personal data with us. 

As Contractual Necessity, we process your name (or company name), address, email address, IP  address, and location. Payment processing at Nspir is done by PayPal or Stripe (EU) or Square (US), with their own privacy policies.

“Personal data” means information related to a living person where the data on its own or in  combination can identify you as a person. This includes data such as email address, name,  cultural origin, gender, race, age, etc. 

Email addresses are used in communication. Email is used in Microsoft Exchange,and Wix. If you wish to have your email address removed from newsletters, you can  either do that via the Unsubscribe button in the newsletter or by contacting Sarah as the GDPR  contact. 

Wix’s privacy policy is: 

Microsoft’s privacy policy is: 

Your privacy and your trust in our handling of it is core to our business purpose and values. Your  data is not sold or shared.  

If you wish to question usage, request deletion of your data, or object to handling, please contact  us directly at with subject GDPR. You of course have the right to file a complaint about our practices within your country or EU Member State.

Note: Links to external service web pages are provided for convenience and are subject to  change. Nspir does not guarantee to maintain these links.

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