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Why 'Ittle Bear Books

For years, when I carried a little bear around the world with me as my good luck charm, I thought about how fun it would be to make up stories about what she would do if she could come to life and go around on her own.

What would I do if I weren't spending the day in Buenos Aires in technical reviews or the meeting in Suzhou reviewing PPAP readiness?

What are the things that I would see, what would I eat, who would I meet?

Then, after a frustrating session of team building and intercultural training, I felt driven to stop dreaming and start working on a book that I hoped would open children to the wonders of international travel, of crossing borders, of experiencing different cultures, cuisines, and ways of living, thinking, and solving problems.

What if they could look upon the differences with wonder and curiosity, instead of censure and judgment?

What if we could all approach the world as a small child, or a little bear, who had the day somewhere to experience, encounter, and learn?

That is what I hope to do with these books, by introducing kids (I'm mainly targeting 4-6 year olds, but younger could be read to, and I hope older children and even the adults reading them might learn and grow a little).

Maybe I could even put myself out of business in my adult training classes and consulting work in conflict management.

That's the Why behind the books.

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